Thursday, May 24, 2012

gROEwing up

Happy Birthday, Roe!

You are...
the mama
the organizer
the enforcer
the sanity
the glue that holds this FLAN together!

I'm so happy you were born and brought into my life!
Love you!

Please leave a comment with a birthday wish for Roe or your favorite memory with the woman.


  1. love you roe!!!! wishing you another magical year full of happiness because you deserve it for being the amazing person you are :D

  2. happy belated bug! sorry i couldn't be there this past weekend to celebrate some more with u! my favorite memory of you would be you sitting at the MU with pigtails and a pouty face lol :) the first time you, me and chewy met! ;D hope u had a great weekend! <3 u much!